Skyview Tubelight Kit

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Product Description

The Skyview® Tubelight is the smart alternative to a traditional skylight. The footprint is small, while providing diffused light, illuminating up to 300 square feet. Our refined design collects maximum light, while being energy-efficient with it’s innovative sealed system. Our Tubelights emit diffused, full spectrum light, which is brighter than what conventional skylights emit. Interior spaces, colors, and artwork are enhanced dramatically under this even lighting. With Skyview® Tubelights, you can grow plants where you want them, rather than just near windows.

Tubelights add functionality and mood to any room of your home or office: Great for laundry rooms, garages, sheds, pantries, closets, workshops, playrooms, attics—any spot that needs light.

See step-by-step instructions for Tubelight installation

Skyview® Tubelights are the Favorite Choice

Skyview® “lights” the way! Skyview® Tubelights are manufactured by Solar Industries, Inc. with only the finest materials available, outperforming the competition in every way. You have a money back guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty on every Skyview® Tubelight.

  • Featuring the highest quality, it is also the easiest product of its kind to install. Kits include step-by-step easy instructions and toll-free technical assistance.
  • Impact modified acrylic double dome with UV protection built in, rather than injection molded plastic, which can yellow over time.
  • Domes come factory sealed to the Tube for a sturdy leak proof seal, guaranteeing ease of installation. There is little conductive heat or cooling loss with this system.
  • We furnish paintable galvanized steel roof jacks rather than plastic or fiberglass flashing, to accommodate all types of roof pitch and withstanding the harshest of environments. Most installations require no additional elbows with our variable pitched flashing; but for unique cases we can provide elbows.
  • The interior of the Tube is state-of-the art. It is permanently etched with highly reflective silver on aluminum, versus a lesser quality film coating which causes light distortion and less light collection. There is virtually no solar radiation and a UV absorber is incorporated into the coating which keep fabrics from fading and inhibits mildew. The finish is guaranteed to provide a lifetime of transmitting properties with no delamination or tarnishing.
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Money Back Guarantee

Checklist before you order

  1. Determine square footage of area/room you wish to light:
    • 8" diameter Tube Kit will provide 150 sq/ft of natural light.
    • 12" diameter Tube Kit will provide 300 sq/ft of natural light.
  2. What type of roof do you have?
  3. What is the distance between your roof and ceiling? (If greater than 44 inches you will need to purchase extensions in 24 inch increments).
  4. Read the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

What comes in Tubelight Kit box?

  • 1 24” tube section with dome
  • 1 24” tube extension
  • Standard Pitch Roof Flashing (can be used on flat roof as well) Note: for Spanish tile or steep pitch roof, you will need to purchase separate flashing kit.
  • 1 storm collar
  • 1 tube latex caulk
  • 1 tube roof sealant
  • 1 piece foil tape
  • 1 trim ring backing plate
  • 1 trim ring foam gasket
  • 1 trim ring
  • 1 interior diffuser lens


  • Exterior Frame and Retainer Material: Aluminum
  • Interior Trim Ring Material: White Acrylic
  • Frame Color: Mill Finish
  • Outer Dome: 3/16" clear acrylic with a DR-Impact Modified resin
  • Inner Dome: Prismatic Acrylic
  • Flashing Included: Multi-pitched Galvanized Sheet Metal Flashing
  • Diffuser lens: Diamond pattern for aesthetically pleasing light disbursement
  • Tubing: Aluminum sub straight with powdered elemental silver and electrostatically applied UV absorber