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Product Description

Although most of our customers are able to replace just the plastic domes in their existing framed skylights, there are times when replacing the complete skylight (domes with the frame) is preferable. Please do not be intimidated by this type of project. We offer precut curb mount skylights that may fit over your existing curb but if not, we can custom make any size you need. We hope our curb mount skylights and informative videos will help whether you are replacing an existing skylight or are deciding to add skylights to your home or building (new construction/installation).


Our curb mount skylights are assembled when shipped and include a bottom base frame, top retaining frame, and two plastic domes (the outer dome and the inner dome referred to as double domes).

Our frame is aluminum and we offer two color options: Mill Finish (raw aluminum) or Bronze Anodized (dark bronze).

We offer two types of plastic: acrylic plastic or polycarbonate plastic. Polycarbonate plastic is impact resistant. Please note that if you order the polycarbonate plastic, the inner dome will still be acrylic plastic.

Plastic dome color options: White (outer) / Clear (inner), Bronze (outer) /Clear (inner) or Clear (outer) /Clear (inner).

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