Replacement Skylight Domes

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Product Description

Our quality skylight domes are produced in Acrylic (any size) and Polycarbonate/Impact Resistant (limited sizes).

Please follow these steps for ordering the correct replacement dome.

Step 1 – Measure accurately to determine correct dimensions by following these simple instructions: Learn how to measure your dome

Step 2 – Select options from the drop down menu (above). If you do not see your size listed, or need further assistance, contact us. We strive for 24 hour production time.

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Your dome will be shipped within 24-48 hours of your order being received and approved.

As long as there is nothing wrong with the frame of your existing skylight, the simplest most economical solution is to replace your dome.


Acrylic Plastic (available in all sizes and colors up to 93.25 x 93.25 Square and 51 X 99 Rectangle) is still the most common material found on a residential domed skylight. Do not drill or nail through the flange on an acrylic dome.

Polycarbonate/Impact Resistant (limited precut sizes and colors) are used in areas with risk of hail storms, large overhead trees with falling branches or homes on golf courses. You can drill through polycarbonate material.

Acrylic replacement skylight dome being fabricated

Dome Type (Single, Double & Triple)

Single Dome (Outer Dome) is typically found on sheds, porches, patios where energy efficiency isn’t as important.

If your skylight is located in an area where energy efficiency is a concern you can upgrade from a single Outer dome to a double dome. It is a relatively simple change. “When you install a new double dome in your existing single dome frame if the screw holes do not line up, simply drill new holes to match.”

Double Dome (Outer Dome + Inner Dome + Dome Tape) is found in kitchens, living spaces, and bathrooms.

We recommend replacing both inner and outer dome to ensure proper fitting, otherwise we cannot guarantee domes will work perfectly together.

Triple Dome (Outer + Inner + Inner + 2x Dome Tape) option is used only in extreme situations when an existing double dome skylight still is not providing needed efficiency.

Color Options:

Most customers replace their existing domes with the same color. However if you decide it is time for a change of color here are some tips. White is the only color you cannot see through and is the best at reducing heat transfer (popular in the Southwest). Between Bronze and Grey tints, Bronze is the most widely used.

  • White: Visually translucent offers fully diffused light. High light transmission with low heat transfer.
  • Clear: Visually transparent offers unobstructed view to the exterior and maximum light transmittance. Transmitted light will have glare, there will be little diffusion of light or heat. (Max Light/Max Heat)
  • Bronze: Visually transparent with slight brown color shift, offers slightly tinted view to the exterior. Light will have less glare than clear. There will be little diffusion of light or heat.
  • Grey: Visually transparent with slight grey color shift, offers slightly tinted view to the exterior. Light will have less glare than that of clear. There will be little diffusion of light or heat.

How to replace your skylight dome

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