Step-by-Step Replacement Skylight Dome Installation Instructions

Note: Step-by-Step Instructions demonstrate the professional installation of a replacement dome. is a distributor of skylights and accessories and is not qualified to install or give advice on installation.

  1. First step is to remove retainer frame by unscrewing along the side of retainer.
  2. Measure tip to tip of the actual existing dome width.
  3. And then the length tip to tip. Order your replacement domes from
  4. Go to and order replacement domes.
  5. When replacement domes arrive remove retainer frame and remove old domes.
  6. All domes come with a protective blue film on both the top and bottom. Installer is removing film from top, film is still on the bottom which is the reason for the blue look.
  7. Removal of protective blue coating shows clear inner dome.
  8. Place clear inner dome on top of skylight frame. Place single-stick adhesive foam close cell tape between your domes. If you order a double or triple dome it will come with your order.
  9. Lay outer dome on top of inner dome. Our suggested airspace between inner and outer domes is an 1 3/4".
  10. Place retainer frame back on top of domes and frame.
  11. Screw retainer back into frame.
  12. Enjoy the light through your new acrylic domed skylights!