Step-by-Step Tubelight Installation Instructions

Note: Step-by-Step Instructions demonstrate the professional installation of a Solar Industries Skyview Tubelight. These photos and narrative are not to be used as a substitute for reading and following manufacturer’s installation instructions. is a distributor of Tubelights and accessories and is not qualified to install or give advice on installation outside of the guidelines of manufacturer's installation instructions.

  1. Determine location of tubelight on the ceiling. Check attic for obstructions before starting installation.
  2. Inside the room, use trim ring backing plate to trace inside diameter and then use saw blade or drywall saw to cut the hole in the ceiling.
  3. Re-position trim ring backing plate and fasten to ceiling using four #6 x 1¼" screws. Screws are driven through white plastic trim ring anchors provided in kit.
  4. Installer used a level and a pole to find a straight path from center of ring plate up to roof, used his marking to drill a screw through the attic to protrude through the roof. Keep in mind for the 8" model roof flashing has a 10" opening requiring a minimum of 5" clearance from roof to rafter.
  5. Center flashing over the screw, trace diameter onto roof shingles.
  6. Following traced pattern, use reciprocating/sabre saw to cut hole. (If installing on a tile roof you will need to purchase a tile flashing, sold seperately.)
  7. Use a flat bar to carefully loosen the existing shingles around the hole and remove any roofing nails that may interfere with the insertion of the roof flashing.
  8. Slide the top and sides of the roof flashing under the shingles. When roof flashing will slide under shingles (and under paper, when possible), remove roof flashing.
  9. Make sure you have enough extension. Remove the extension pipe from the box, roll sides together and snap the lock together.
  10. Then pull protective film down about 3". Remove the protective film from the top of dome assembly pipe.
  11. Insert dome assembly pipe into the lower extension pipe.
  12. Tape the pipes together with the foil tape provided in kit.
  13. Measure the distance from the inside of ceiling to the top of the roof flashing and add ¾". In this case it was 76½". This is the length of tube required for your application. Standard kits have 44½" of tubing. (Optional 2" extensions are available to extend your tube length 22") In this case we used 44½" from standard kit and added two more 24" tube extensions (22 inches usable tube per extension) Gave us 88½" of usable tube. Later in the installation you will see we cut excess 12" off.
  14. Apply roof sealant (provided in kit) along the bottom and top of the roof flashing as shown. Then slide under the roof shingles, centering on hole.
  15. Adjust the roof flashing so it it perpendicular to the roof and screw down the bottom of the flashing with four #8 x 1¼" screws. Note: You may have to trim the top of the flashing to accommodate various roof pitches.
  16. Sealing Flashing: Apply roof sealant around the four screw heads.
  17. Sealing Flashing Continued. Apply roof sealant around the base and vertical seams of the roof flashing.
  18. Lower tube assembly through the roof flashing until it goes through the ceiling ring. Tube assembly should have at least ½" minimum clearance from the top of the roof flashing.
  19. Inside the room, adjust the tube so that there is about ¼" revealed. In this case there was excess tube. Installer used marker to determine where to cut.
  20. Cut tube along the marked line using metal cutter.
  21. Adjust tube so there is about ¼" revealed. Remove remaining protective film inside tube.
  22. Use a screw to fasten tube to ceiling joist (or block) this will secure the bottom of the tube.
  23. Caulk the tube to the ceiling-mounting ring with white latex caulk provided in kit.
  24. Fasten flashing to the tube assembly with four #8x ¾" sheet metal screws provided in kit.
  25. Caulk around the tube, at the roof jack and the vertical seam of the tube.
  26. Apply the storm collar to the tube, just above the roof jack flashing.
  27. Caulk around the top of the storm collar.
  28. Remove protective blue plastic from outer dome. It is there only to prevent scratching during installation. If it is exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged period of time the blue protective covering will not come off and will void Solar Industries manufacturers warranty.
  29. Apply foam trim ring gasket to the trim ring backing plate.
  30. Insert the diffuser lens into the trim ring.
  31. Center trim ring backing plate mounted to the ceiling; rotate clockwise until the trim ring assembly pulls tight to the ceiling.
  32. Enjoy your 8" tube kit bringing in 150 square feet of natural daylight.