Two-foot Tube Extension

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Product Description

Every tube skylight installation will differ in the amount of tubing necessary to complete the job. Before cutting holes in your roof and ceiling you want to be sure to have an adequate amount of tubing to complete the installation.

Measure the distance from the inside of ceiling to the top of the roof flashing and add ¾". This is the length of tube required for your application. Standard kits have 44½" of tubing. These optional 2' extensions are available to extend your tube an extra 22". (Remaining 2" of tube will overlap with existing tube so the two can be fastened together.) Each 24" tube extension you purchase comes with 1 piece of foil tape. Assemble with tube skylight kit per manufacturers instructions. Be sure your tube extension is same diameter as your tube skylight.

Tube extensions ship free (FedEx Ground) when purchased at the same time as a Skyview Tubelight Kit!