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Replacement Skylight Dome

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Our quality replacement skylight domes now come in both Acrylic (all sizes) and Polycarbonate/Impact Resistant (limited sizes). In addition to providing a comprehensive list of precut sizes, types and colors that can be ordered simply by selecting from the drop down options above we are best known for our ability to make any size dome you need. Our custom domes can usually be produced within 24 hours.

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Reasons for replacing your acrylic dome:

  • Repair of a damaged unit – hail, cracks, sun damaged

  • Better insulate your unit – upgrade from single to double or even triple dome insulation.

As long as there is nothing wrong with the frame of your existing skylight, the simplest solution is to replace your dome. No framing, roofing, caulking, and other logistics of installing a brand new skylight are necessary.

Simply fill out dimensions and options to find your correct dome.

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If your measurement is not listed, we do offer custom dome sizes! Call 866-672-6646 today for your quote!

Acrylic Glazing is accomplished with the exclusive use of the finest domestic materials. Acrylic material is formed into domes to gain the maximum strength available.

How to Choose a Skylight Dome

The dome height is derived from the size of the glazing panel. If a lower profile dome is required, acrylic must be a heavier gauge to offset the loss in strength. Acrylic glazing is provided in either Clear, Bronze, Grey or White as standard. For energy considerations dual and triple domes are provided with insulating, dead air spaces between domes. Acrylic materials used in Solar Industries Acrylic units is specifically produced for skylight application and contains U.V. inhibitors to protect the interior of the building. When using insulating domes (double or triple) the outer dome will be tinted and the inner dome or domes will be clear as a standard, other combinations available.

Characteristics of Various Glazing Options are as follows:

  • Clear Acrylic: Visually transparent offers unobstructed view to the exterior and maximum light transmittance. Transmitted light will have glare, there will be little diffusion of light or heat. (Max Light/Max Heat)
  • Solar Bronze Acrylic: Visually transparent with slight brown color shift, offers slightly tinted view to the exterior. Light will have glare but less than that of clear. There will be little diffusion of light or heat. (Red Tint)
  • Solar Grey Acrylic: Visually transparent with slight grey color shift, offers slightly tinted view to the exterior. Light will have glare but less than that of clear. There will be little diffusion of light or heat. (Green Tint – brings out blue in sky)
  • Solar White Acrylic: Visually transparent offers fully diffused light. High light transmission with low heat transmittance.

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