Let the Light In with a Tubular Skylight

Tubular skylights are an affordable and energy-efficient way to illuminate forgotten corners of your home

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The Green Solution

Unlike conventional windows or skylights, the Skyview® Tubelight has a UV absorber integrated into its design. Plants grow in full spectrum light, while fabrics are protected from fading, and mildew is inhibited. Light is amplified even on cloudy days—evenly distributed by entering a highly reflective tube. What looks like an attractive flush ceiling light on the inside, is energy-free lighting. Whatever the sun’s position, the tubelight collects light from every angle all day long, and will even collect light from the moon! A single 12” tubular skylight will uniformly light 300 square feet.

Diagram of tubular skylight throughout the day

Enjoy sunlight all day long!

Utilize Outdoor Light

We feature Skyview® Tubelights—one of the most trusted, effeciently designed, and economical solar lighting systems available. Designed to be maintenance free with a lifetime warranty.Installed Tubelight Perfect for all living areas and simple to install for roofers, contractors, or do-it-yourselfers.